…..We people

often think they can control everything. We shape, develop and process many materials in order to preserve them, to conserve them… but the opposite is what happens… nature has its own laws and imposes them on people and on what they have created. The damage, the weathering and the resulting shapes, colors and structures is what she wants to capture with her photos and often magnify. This creates a different dimension, art photos with their own story!

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Next expositions 2022:

20 february till 2 may: solo-exposition in Koenraad Bosman museum, Am Bär1, Rees in Germany.

18 till 21 march: Art fair Heemstede, Sportparklaan 16. Sportplaza. Groenendaal. more information www.kunstbeursheemstede.nl

15 till 19 april: Church in Persingen. Persingsestraat 7, Persingen.

20 till 23may: Huntenkunst, Dru industriepark, SSP-hal,Drulaan 2, 7071 Ulft.

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