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Her inspiration can especially be found outside, in the nature. She wanders and enjoys observing her environment. This could be in her garden and/or further away, through ancient villages,along rivers and seas, through the woods and across the fields.

If you look carefully, you can see that everything has got colour and structure and you will discover the proces of power and beauty.

The erosion by wind, wheather or other natural circumstances gives new shapes and different textures. Her photos represent her astonishment.

The reality does not change. What she sees, she captures by taking photos in her own way, as if it is painted with a brush. The reality stays the same, but the photo is enlarged in a way that the source can not be recognized any more. Hence her work takes on its own reality the “Abstractions”.

When the architecture is still discernible, she speaks of “Archifacts. These photographes deal with possible events told by the shape and changes created by weathering through time.

Photography never becomes dull.Sometimes she encounters strange objects or scenery. Something once seen might become absolutely out of reach because of high or low tide. Or a beautiful object on a shipwreck, turns out to be just a little too high and therefore totally unsuited after struggling through the mud. Or that magnificent door, blocked from view by a lorry………..

Ineke van Middelkoop (Velp, 1953) studied biology in Nijmegen. In the course of her studies she took up photography, especially study-related subjects like plants, insects and birds. She developed a sharp eye for detail. After years filled with teaching and taking care of her children, the original passion, time and personal space for photography flourished again after having travelled through the West of Africa in 2000.

  • member of BOK. Professional Organization Artists.
  • Fotografie Ineke van Middelkoop, KvK-nummer: 09198510.

-Photo’s in several private collections.

Photos in the lending collection of Kunst Kring Duiven.

-Photos in the Kunstuitleen Terneuzen (Art lending Terneuzen)

-Photos in the collection of CBK-Zeeland (Visual Arts Centre Zeeland)


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