Welcome to the site of Ineke van Middelkoop

Colours in black_60x60cm

Are you looking for a striking work of art? Some examples of my photographic work can be found on this website. All are images I came across and photographed, guided by composition, colour and lines. Then all I do is select the cut out to produce the final result, in a limited edition of 10 copies.

* Go to the ‘artwork’ section to see examples of my photo work.

* If you have a question or want to place an order go to ‘sales & contact’. We can discuss the format and print technique.


Next exhibitions

**April 13-14: Art Eindhoven. I participate under the name: art group “Nieuwe ruimte”.

**April 21 till may 19:  medieval Galluskerk, Dorpsstr. 31 at Angerlo. Opening hours on sunday afternoon from 13.00 – 16.00 and / or by appointment.

**May 24-25-26:  Huntenkunst, Dru Industriepark, SSP-Hal, DRU-laan 2, 7071 MC Ulft

**June 13 till july 20: Gallery Kunstzicht, Tussenzicht 3, 2741NM Waddinxveen. Opening hours: Thursday and Friday 13:00h – 17:00h and on Saturday from 11:00h – 17:00h.

**October to December: Kunstkamer Franeker, Harlingerweg 45, Franeker

**8, 9 and 10 November:  Kunstraffinaderij, Stevenskerk, Nijmegen. Data not yet known.