Welcome to the site of Ineke van Middelkoop

Brown stripes on green_50x150cmYou want to fit up a room and you are looking for a work of art where something is in it. On this website you will find some examples of my photographic workimages I found and photographed, guided by composition, color and line. The only thing I do afterwards, is determining an interesting cutout. The edition is up to 10 copies.

* In the section ‘artwork’ you will find examples of my photography.
* Both photographs and postcards can be ordered through ‘sales & contact’. You can also leave a messages here. The size and printing technique can always be discussed.


Expositions 2018:

May 10 till 13:  Kunstvierdaagse (Art days), Sint-Remigius church, Steenderen ( Bronckhorst municipality )

May 25-26-27:    Huntenkunst, Dru Industriepark, SSP-Hal, DRU-laan 2 7071 MC Ulft

June 3:  Art event. Castle “Wetering” In Loon op Zand

June 15 till 23:  Kunstschouw 2018, Schouwen-Duiveland, location camping Duinoord